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Happy Father’s Day!

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It is June and many businesses have gotten back up and running at some capacity. Five Flags Food Tours plans (cross our fingers) to run its reopening tour on June 27th. We are making sure to do so in a responsible way to ensure the safety of our guests and partner restaurants. Five Flags Food Tours is offering small tour sizes as well as masks & hand sanitizer for our guests. We want to entertain and educate you but do so in a responsible way. Pensacola has so much to offer our locals and tourists; we are looking forward to getting our local economy running again.
Since the May blog was all about Mother’s day, I felt it only appropriate to talk about Father’s day in June. I’m so fortunate to still have my father, but I have many friends who don’t. These holidays can be really difficult. I also have a friend who has wanted to be a father for years but hasn’t had the opportunity to make that a reality. Wherever you are, let Father’s day be a day for you to honor the ones in your life who have been your role models, your influences. Again, my advice, call the person/people you love and let them know how much they’ve meant to you.
Gifts are tricky for Father’s day. Instagram is flooded with kitschy items – socks with Dad’s face, t-shirts mentioning Dad and baby Yoda, lots of things to do with grilling and whiskey. It’s suddenly as if every male has been stereotyped and marketed. Is it just me or have y’all thought that too? And why is grilling associated with summer? Where we live it probably makes more sense to be grilling in the winter! However you choose to spend your day, I hope that it’s one filled with joy spent with family or friends that are family. Happy June!