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Happy Mother’s Day

a close up of a flower

A very long time ago, I heard a silly joke, it went: “If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? ” Have y’all heard this one? The answer is Pilgrims. Ha. I’m not sure if that’s politically correct these days, but the flowers are blooming beautifully everywhere. Maybe I’m noticing them because I’ve been outside more in the past month than I have been in probably the past six months combined. Taking time to smell the roses has become important to me recently.

Part of the gratitude practice I’ve been cultivating includes being more appreciative. The older I’ve gotten, the more appreciative I’ve become of all the things that my mother did for me growing up. She spent hours driving me to and from swim practice three to four times a week. Other moms were having dinner with their husbands or watching television or reading a book, while my mom was supporting me, helping me to achieve my goals while sacrificing her own. And somehow, my parents’ marriage stayed intact!

This Mother’s Day will be a particularly unusual one. I want to see my mother but will not put her at risk. Many others are in the same situation. And, even more of us can’t see our mothers because they have passed on. If you still have one around, give her a call. Tell her THANK YOU. That will be the most meaningful gift you could ever give her.